Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bracket Watch - Tuesday

Final Four pairings
South(1) vs. West(4)
Midwest(2) vs. East(3)

South region
1-North Carolina/Atlantic Coast vs. 16-Alabama State/Southwestern
8-Utah vs. 9-Texas A&M
4-Butler/Horizon vs. 13-Western Kentucky/Sun Belt
5-Marquette vs. 12-Penn State*
@Kansas City
2-Oklahoma vs. 15-Bowling Green/Mid-American
7-Illinois vs. 10-Dayton*
3-Villanova vs. 14-Robert Morris/Northeast
6-Louisiana State/Southeastern vs. 11-Nevada-Las Vegas*

West Region
1-Michigan State/Big Ten vs. 16-Northridge State/Big West
8-Oklahoma State vs. 9-California
4-Florida State vs. 13-EAST TENNESSEE STATE
5-Xavier/Atlantic 10 vs. 12-SIENA
2-Connecticut vs. 15-American/Patriot
7-Tennessee vs. 10-Minnesota*
3-Washington/Pacific-10 vs. 14-Weber State/BIg Sky
6-Brigham Young/Mountain West vs. 11-VIRGINIA COMMONWEALTH

Midwest region
1-Pittsburgh vs. 16-Morgan State/Mid-Eastern
8-Ohio State vs. 9-Boston College*
4-Ucla vs. 13-NORTHERN IOWA
5-Gonzaga/West Coast vs. 12-Utah State/Western Athletic*
2-Wake Forest vs. 15-RADFORD
7-West Virginia vs. 10-New Mexico*
3-Kansas/Big 12 vs. 14-CORNELL
6-Purdue vs. 11-Arizona*

East region
1-Louisville/Big East vs. 16-Opening round winner
8-Arizona State vs. 9-Wisconsin
4-Missouri vs. 13-North Dakota State/Summit
5-Clemson vs. 12-Creighton*
@Kansas City
2-Memphis/Conference USA vs. 15-Stephen F. Austin/Southland
7-Texas vs. 10-Michigan*
3-Duke vs. 14-Binghamton/America East
6-Syracuse vs. 11-South Carolina*

New to the field: Creighton, Chattanoogs

Last four in the field: Penn State, Nevada-Las Vegas, Arizona, Creighton
First four left out: St. Mary's, Florida, Miami(FL), Providence
Next four left out: Kansas State, Maryland, Auburn, Tulsa

Note-The following teams are not in the projection yet, but will be if they win their conference tourneys tonight(along with their projected seeds):
Cleveland State(12-14)
South Alabama(14-16)

The next projection will be on Wednesday.

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  1. Hey, thanks for putting Butler as a four seed. I'm curious to know why you think they're deserving of a four. You and somebody else put them there, and that's the highest out of all of the brackets in the bracket matrix. So yeah, what do you see there? Personally I think they're much better than a 7 seed, and they'll get either a 6 or 5 if they win tonight. But hey, a four would be great!