Friday, March 13, 2009

About Friday the 13th in BracketWatchLand

Close, but no pez for Virginia Tech as North Carolina(even without Ty Lawson) held on to win 79-76. The Hokies must still be in consideration, with road wins over Clemson and Wake Forest, but their lack of OOC heft will hurt. In the 2nd game, Florida State deny Georgia Tech a 2nd straight upset with a go-ahead score with 7 seconds left.

Big Ten
The only way Minnesota could find themselves on the wrong side of the bubble was if they were blown out by Michigan State. Whilst the Spartans did win, it was only 64-56, with the Gophers in it throughout the game. Ohio State, seen by some to be still on the bubble, firmed up their status by nipping Wisconsin 61-57.

LSU put Kentucky's bid hopes to permanent sleep, 64-58.

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