Monday, February 2, 2009

Bracket Watch - An ode to Super Monday....


Actually the title for this week's post of the projections is a tweak at a man who wants to be known as the last man to know who won the Super Bowl, Kyle Wheliston.

He has a ritual that he tries to be the last one to know who won the Super Bowl. Last year, he attempted to wait until Wednesday to learn who won. Only to be blocked by a group of Valparaiso University students who revealed that the New York Giants had upset the New England Patriots. So this year, if you read the Mid-Majority blog, don't e-mail him. Just for the record, yes the Pittsburgh Steelers are enjoying the joy of six($1 to the 1991 San Diego Sockers indoor soccer team).

On to the projections, which are totally jumbled after a slew of upsets.

Final Four Pairings
East(1) vs. West(4)
South(2) vs. Midwest(3)

East Region
1-Connecticut(New Overall #1) vs. 16-Holy Cross/Patriot League
8-Utah State/Western Athletic vs. 9-Missouri
4-Memphis/Conference USA vs. 13-Weber State/Big Sky
5-Ucla vs. 12-Utah
2-Wake Forest vs. 15-Arkansas-Little Rock/Sun Belt
7-Davidson/Southern vs. 10-Florida
3-Michigan State/Big Ten vs. 14-Virginia Military/Big South
6-Syracuse vs. 11-Oklahoma State

West Region
1-Louisville/Big East vs. 16-Opening Round Winner
Opening Round: Morehead State/Ohio Valley vs. Alabama State/Southwestern
8-California vs. 9-Nevada-Las Vegas/Mountain West
4-Texas vs. 13-Northern Iowa/Missouri Valley
5-Gonzaga/West Coast vs. 12-Northwestern
2-North Carolina vs. 15-Vermont/America East
7-South Carolina vs. 10-Dayton
@Kansas City
3-Purdue vs. 14-North Dakota State/Summit League
6-West Virginia vs. 11-Southern California

South Region
@Kansas City
1-Oklahoma/Big 12 vs. 16-Morgan State/Mid-Eastern
8-Virginia Tech vs. 9-Ohio State
4-Butler/Horizon vs. 13-Long Beach State/Big West
5-Villanova vs. 12-Portland
2-Pittsburgh vs. 15-Cornell/Ivy
7-Arizona State vs. 10-Penn State
3-Clemson vs. 14-East Tennessee State/Atlantic Sun
6-Kentucky vs. 11-Siena/Metro Atlantic

Midwest Region
1-Duke/Atlantic Coast vs. 16-Robert Morris/Northeast
8-Louisiana State/Southeastern vs. 9-Georgetown
4-Minnesota vs. 13-Buffalo/Mid-American
5-Kansas vs. 12-Providence
2-Marquette vs. 15-Stephen F. Austin/Southland
7-Washington/Pacific-10 vs. 10-Tennessee
3-Xavier/Atlantic 10 vs. 14-Northeastern/Colonial
6-Illinois vs. 11-Florida State

New to the field: Virginia Tech, East Tennessee State, Northwestern, Penn State, Northeastern, Buffalo, Nevada-Las Vegas, Utah, Morehead State, Louisiana State, South Carolina, Arkansas-Little Rock, Portland

Last four in the field: Southern California, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Portland
First four left out: Brigham Young, Boston College, Notre Dame, Arizona
Next four left out: Mississippi State, Miami(FL), Creighton, St. Mary's
Also in the mix: Maryland, St. Joseph's, Cincinnati, Michigan, Baylor, Nebraska, Texas A&M, Virginia Commonwealth, UAB, Tulsa, Green Bay, Miami(OH), Bradley, Illinois State, New Mexico, San Diego State, Texas Christian, Stanford, Arkansas, Nevada

New Polls will be up shortly.