Friday, March 13, 2009

Bracket Watch - Friday

Unlike a lot of you, I did not see the last 4 overtimes that UConn and Syracuse played, but this much is true. The Huskies have little hope of a #1 seed right now. The loss opened up the door for Michigan State to move up to the top line. As for the rest of the bracket.....

Projections through Thursday night's games

Final Four pairings
South(1) vs. West(4)
Midwest(2) vs. East(3)

South region
1-North Carolina/Atlantic Coast vs. 16-RADFORD
8-Tennessee vs. 9-Wisconsin
4-Xavier/Atlantic 10 vs. 13-WESTERN KENTUCKY
5-Texas vs. 12-Ohio State*
@Kansas City
2-Missouri/Big 12 vs. 15-Stephen F. Austin/Southland
7-Arizona State vs. 10-South Carolina*
3-Villanova vs. 14-ROBERT MORRIS
6-Purdue vs. 11-St. Mary's

West region
1-Michigan State/Big Ten vs. 16-Northridge State/Big West
8-Oklahoma State vs. 9-California
4-Florida State vs. 13-EAST TENNESSEE STATE
2-Connecticut vs. 15-Morgan State/Mid-Eastern
7-Clemson vs. 10-SIENA
3-Washington/Pacific-10 vs. 14-CORNELL
6-Brigham Young/Mountain West vs. 11-Texas A&M*

Midwest region
1-Louisville/Big East vs. 16-Opening Round winner
8-Boston College vs. 9-Utah State/Western Athletic
5-GONZAGA vs. 12-Penn State*
2-Wake Forest vs. 15-Bowling Green/Mid-American
7-Utah vs. 10-Minnesota*
@Kansas City
3-Oklahoma vs. 14-Binghamton/America East
6-West Virginia vs. 11-Creighton*

East region
1-Pittsburgh vs. 16-Alabama State/Southwestern
8-Butler vs. 9-Michigan
4-Kansas vs. 13-NORTHERN IOWA
5-Louisiana State/Southeastern vs. 12-San Diego State*
@Kansas City
2-Memphis/Conference USA vs. 15-PORTLAND STATE
7-Marquette vs. 10-Dayton*
3-Duke vs. 14-American/Patriot
6-Illinois vs. 11-CLEVELAND STATE

Teams moved up for placement purposes: Cleveland State, St. Mary's, South Carolina
Teams moved down for placement purposes: Ohio State, Penn State, Texas A&M
New to the field: Creighton, San Diego State, St. Mary's

Last four in the field: Penn State, Creighton, St. Mary's, San Diego State
First four left out: Florida, Virginia Tech, Arizona, Nevada-Las Vegas
Next four left out: Auburn, New Mexico, Maryland, Davidson
Also on board: Duquesne, Rhode Island, Temple, Providence, Baylor, Kansas State, Tulsa, Illinois State, Southern California, Kentucky

As I have said recently, there will be no formal projection tomorrow as I will be attending the Minnesota State High School Boy's Hockey Championships. There will be a projection of the top 4 seed lines instead.


  1. Kudos on having OU as a #3 seed. That's where they should be right now.

    I think many bracket projections and commentators have been lazy in breaking down their resume.

  2. Thanks for the commendations. I think the Sooners are in decline and are prone to a 2nd round upset(maybe 1st round if the right matchup materializes).

  3. NDSU could give UCLA all they can handle. Not impressed with the intensity of UCLA most occasions.