Monday, January 17, 2011

Bracket Watch '11 - What you won't be seeing this year

Since I've decided to add a new project to my schedule, I will not be updating the Conference Tournament Central Blog this year. In fact, I might just delete it altogether, seeing that everyone else has Championship Week coverage. So anyway on with the brackets(done as if the season ended last night).

Final Four pairings
East(1) vs. West(4)
Southeast(2) vs. Southwest(3)

First four pairings:
Tuesday Game A: Baylor vs. Cincinnati
Tuesday Game B: McNeese State(Southland) vs. Chattanooga(Southern)
Wednesday Game A: Maine(America East) vs. Texas Southern(Southwestern)
Wednesday Game B: Butler vs. Virginia Tech

East region

@ Cleveland
1-Ohio State(Big Ten) vs. 16-McNeese State/Chattanooga
8-St. John's vs. 9-Central Florida
@ Denver
4-Texas vs. 13-Valparaiso(Horizon)
5-Washington(Pacific-10) vs. 12-Oakland(Summit)
@ Washington, DC
2-Villanova vs. 15-Iona(Metro Atlantic)
7-Florida State vs. 10-Colorado
@ Tampa
3-Kentucky(Southeastern) vs. 14-Long Island(Northeast)
6-Temple vs. 11-Utah State(Western Athletic)

West region

@ Washington, DC
1-Syracuse(Big East) vs. 16-Northern Colorado(Big Sky)
8-St. Mary's(West Coast) vs. 9-Kansas State
@ Charlotte
4-Wisconsin vs. 13-Baylor/Cincinnati
5-Florida vs. 12-Virginia Commonwealth(Colonial)
@ Tucson
2-San Diego State(Mountain West) vs. 15-Coastal Carolina(Big South)
7-Vanderbilt vs. 10-Boston College
@ Tulsa
3-Texas A&M(Big 12) vs. 14-Southern Mississippi(Conference USA)
6-West Virginia vs. 11-Tennessee

Southeast region

@ Charlotte
1-Duke(Atlantic Coast) vs. 16-Maine/Texas Southern
8-Missouri vs. 9-Gonzaga
@ Tucson
4-Michigan State vs. 13-Austin Peay(Ohio Valley)
5-Georgetown vs. 12-Belmont(Atlantic Sun)
@ Denver
2-Brigham Young vs. 15-Long Beach State(Big West)
7-Minnesota vs. 10-Oklahoma State
@ Tampa
3-Connecticut vs. 14-Ball State(Mid-American)
6-Missouri State(Missouri Valley) vs. 11-Georgia

Southwest region

@ Tulsa
1-Kansas vs. 16-Morgan State(Mid-Eastern)
8-Louisville vs. 9-Wichita State
@ Chicago
4-Notre Dame vs. 13-Harvard(Ivy)
5-Illinois vs. 12-Butler/Virginia Tech
@ Cleveland
2-Pittsburgh vs. 15-Florida Atlantic(Sun Belt)
7-UNLV vs. 10-Arizona
@ Chicago
3-Purdue vs. 14-Bucknell(Patriot)
6-North Carolina vs. 11-Xavier(Atlantic 10)

Last four in the field: Butler, Virginia Tech, Baylor, Cincinnati
First four left out: Memphis, Dayton, Richmond, Southern California
Next four left out: Old Dominion, Nebraska, Penn State, Washington State
The under-consideration board: Miami(FL), Maryland, NC State, Duquesne, Marquette, Michigan, Iowa State, Drexel, UTEP, Cleveland State, Northern Iowa, New Mexico, UCLA, Alabama, Arkansas, Boise State

EDIT: I realized that Louisville had been inadvertnently omitted from the field, so they're back in and Cleveland State is dropped.

The next projection will be Monday, 1-24.