Monday, January 3, 2011

Bracket Watch '11-And so it begins anew

Welcome back to Bracket Watch for 2011. As you read last week(or should have read), this week marks the start of real conference play for everyone(but not for the Ivy League. They begin their play towards the end of this month). With the end of non-conference play, it's time for the first look at how the field would measure up if the season had already stopped.

Final Four pairings:
East(1) vs. West(4)
Southeast(2) vs. Southwest(3)

The First Four
Tuesday: Old Dominion vs. Southern California; St. Francis of NY(Northeast) vs. Liberty(Big South)
Wednesday: Tennessee vs. Gonzaga; Nicholls State(Southland) vs. Jackson State(Southwestern)

East Region

@ Charlotte
1-Duke(Atlantic Coast) vs. Nicholls State/Jackson State
8-Texas vs. 9-Louisville
@ Chicago
4-Purdue(Big Ten) vs. 13-Lipscomb(Atlantic Sun)
5-Villanova vs. 12-Portland(West Coast)
@ Charlotte
2-Georgetown vs. 15-Ball State(Mid-American)
7-Arizona vs. 10-Vanderbilt
@ Tulsa
3-Kansas State vs. 14-Iona(Metro Atlantic)
6-Wisconsin vs. 11-Cleveland State(Horizon)

West Region

@ Washington, DC
1-Syracuse(Big East) vs. 16-Hampton(Mid-Eastern)
8-Michigan State vs. 9-Florida State
@ Tucson
4-Washington(Pacific-10) vs. 13-Montana(Big Sky)
5-Texas A&M vs. 12-Oakland(Summit)
@ Tampa
2-Kentucky(Southeastern) vs. 15-Long Beach State(Big West)
7-St. Mary's vs. 10-Boston College
@ Denver
3-Brigham Young(Mountain West) vs. 14-North Texas(Sun Belt)
6-Cincinnati vs. 11-Butler

Southeast Region

@ Cleveland
1-Ohio State vs. 16-St. Francis of NY/Liberty
8-Wichita State(Missouri Valley) vs. 9-Drexel(Colonial)
@ Chicago
4-Missouri vs. 13-Princeton(Ivy)
5-St. John's vs. 12-Tennessee/Gonzaga
@ Tucson
2-San Diego State vs. 15-Maine(America East)
7-North Carolina vs. 10-Oklahoma State
@ Cleveland
3-Pittsburgh vs. 14-Austin Peay(Ohio Valley)
6-Central Florida(Conference USA) vs. 11-Dayton

Southwest Region

@ Tulsa
1-Kansas(Big 12) vs. 16-Chattanooga(Southern)
8-West Virginia vs. 9-UNLV
@ Tampa
4-Florida vs. 13-Old Dominion/Southern California
5-Illinois vs. 12-Virginia Tech
@ Washington, DC
2-Connecticut vs. 15-Bucknell(Patriot)
7-Temple vs. 10-Minnesota
@ Denver
3-Notre Dame vs. 14-Utah State(Western Athletic)
6-Memphis vs. 11-Washington State

By Conference: Big East(10!!!!), Big Ten(6), Big 12(6), Atlantic Coast(5), Pacific-10(4), Southeastern(4), Mountain West(3), West Coast(3), Atlantic 10(2), Colonial(2), Conference USA(2), Horizon(2)

Last four in the field: Tennessee, Gonzaga, Old Dominion, Southern California
First four on the outside: Baylor, Missouri State, Maryland, Northwestern
Next four on the outside: Richmond, New Mexico, George Mason, Miami(FL)
The Under Consideration Board: NC State, Marquette, Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa State, VCU, Southern Mississippi, Harvard, UCLA, Georgia, Mississippi

Tomorrow, I'll answer some question you may have thought of asking.