Saturday, March 12, 2011

Top four seed lines as of 11:30 PM

After a crazy Saturday(and that's both basketball and hockey, thank you very much), here's who I have at the top of the bracket.

1-Ohio State, Kansas, Duke, Notre Dame
2-Pittsburgh, North Carolina, Florida, San Diego State
3-Texas, Connecticut, Brigham Young, Purdue
4-Louisville, Kentucky, St. John's, Syracuse

The last four byes: Penn State, Michigan, Virginia Tech, Colorado
The last four in the field: Michigan State, St. Mary's, Georgia(surprise), Clemson
The first four left out: Alabama, UTEP, Boston College, Southern California
The next three left out: Harvard, Missouri State, UAB

Note: I will post an early bracket by Noon CDT(did you forget to spring ahead?), with a final one to be posted after the early games end, so it's quite likely that the projection I post in the morning could end up the final one.

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