Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bracket Watch '11 - Three Days to Selection Sunday

The projected field of 68 contains the same teams that were in the last projection, but plenty of teams moved up to solidify their standing, whilst others stumbled. On the outside, both Nebraska(by one to Oklahoma State) and Baylor(who got vaporized by Oklahoma) lost, ending their hopes of dancing, while Marquette can now consider themselves a locked in team. Today will feature even more bubble teams looking to either make a statement, or make fools of themselves.

On the automatics front, Long Island and Robert Morris played a thriller for the Northeast crown, the Blackbirds eventually winning in OT after the Colonials scored the tying three ball in the last seconds of regulation. In the Big Sky, Northern Colorado scored it's first ever bid to the dance at Montana's expense, but it was back and forth as to whom would win. There are no automatic bids at stake tonight.

Here's how the results resulted in the newest projections.

Final Four pairings
East(1) vs. West(4)
Southwest(2) vs. Southeast(3)

The First Four
Tuesday: Alabama vs. Clemson; UNC ASHEVILLE vs. Texas Southern(Southwestern)
Wednesday: Colorado vs. Virginia Tech; McNeese State(Southland) vs. UALR

East region

@ Cleveland
1-Ohio State(Big Ten) vs. 16-McNeese State/UALR
8-Georgetown vs. 9-Florida State
@ Tucson
4-Connecticut vs. 13-OAKLAND
5-Xavier(Atlantic 10) vs. 12-Alabama/Clemson
@ Washington, D.C.
2-Syracuse vs. 15-Bucknell(Patriot)
7-Ucla vs. 10-Illinois
@ Tulsa
3-Texas vs. 14-MOREHEAD STATE
6-Vanderbilt vs. 11-St. Mary's

West region

@ Chicago
1-Notre Dame vs. 16-UNC ASHEVILLE/Texas Southern
8-Utah State(Western Athletic) vs. 9-Michigan
@ Tampa
4-Florida(Southeastern) vs. 13-BELMONT
5-Kansas State vs. 12-Uab(Conference USA)
@ Charlotte
2-Duke vs. 15-Boston University(America East)
7-OLD DOMINION vs. 10-Villanova
@ Tucson
3-San Diego State vs. 14-INDIANA STATE
6-Temple vs. 11-Washington

Southwest region

@ Tulsa
1-Kansas(Big 12) vs. 16-NORTHERN COLORADO
8-Tennessee vs. 9-Marquette
@ Denver
4-Louisville vs. 13-WOFFORD
5-Arizona(Pacific-10) vs. 12-Michigan State
@ Chicago
2-Purdue vs. 15-Kent State(Mid-American)
7-Unlv vs. 10-BUTLER
@ Charlotte
3-North Carolina(Atlantic Coast) vs. 14-LONG ISLAND
6-West Virginia vs. 11-Richmond

Southeast region

@ Cleveland
1-Pittsburgh(Big East) vs. 16-Bethune Cookman(Mid-Eastern)
8-Missouri vs. 9-George Mason
@ Washington, D.C.
4-St. John's vs. 13-Harvard or Princeton(Ivy)
5-Kentucky vs. 12-Colorado/Virginia Tech
@ Denver
2-Brigham Young(Mountain West) vs. 15-Long Beach State(Big West)
7-Texas A&M vs. 10-GONZAGA
@ Tampa
3-Wisconsin vs. 14-SAINT PETER'S
6-Cincinnati vs. 11-Boston College

New to the field: None
Leaving the field: None

Last four in the field(by seed list): Alabama, Clemson, Colorado, Virginia Tech
First four left out: Southern California, Georgia, Missouri State, Memphis
Next four left out: Washington State, Oklahoma State, Colorado State, Penn State
The under consideration board: Duquesne, Nebraska, Utep, Wichita State(yeah, I had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for the under consideration list.)

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