Thursday, February 10, 2011

State of the Bubble - Pacific-10 to Western Athletic

Sorry folks for being this late with the last installment. I was busy and couldn't find the time to put this up, until now.

Expected bid range: 2-4
Locks: none
Should be in: Arizona
Bubble riders: UCLA, Washington, Washington State
In another down year for the Pac-10, it seems no one wants to be a lock. The Wildcats are the closest, but have little to show from their non-conference work. The Huskies are in a bit of bother, struggling to hold on to the Wildcats' coattails.

Patriot League
Expected bids: 1
Contenders: Bucknell, American

Expected bid range: 4-6
Locks: Florida, Kentucky
Should be in: Tennessee, Vanderbilt
Bubble Riders: Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina

Expected bids: 1
Contenders: College of Charleston, Chattanooga, Furman, Wofford

Expected bids: 1
Contenders: It's so wide open down here, everyone but Central Arkansas could win the conference. And that's saying something.

Expected bids: 1
Contenders: Texas Southern, Jackson State

Expected bids: 1
Contenders: Oakland, IUPUI, IPFW, South Dakota State
Earlier this season, the Grizzlies could have been in contention for an at-large, but a loss to the Jaguars put an end to that. Still, if Oakland does make it, they will give a higher seed fits.

Sun Belt
Expected bids: 1
Contenders: Florida Atlantic, Denver, Middle Tennessee, Arkansas State, North Texas

West Coast
Expected bid range: 1-2
Locks: None
Should be in: St. Mary's
Bubble riders: None
Gonzaga is out of contention for the moment, after losing at home to Memphis on Feb. 5th, but they could still make their way back in.

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