Friday, February 11, 2011

Bracket Watch '11 - Friday Update

For the rest of this month, I'll only be doing seeding updates on Fridays. Here's the first such update. Projections are done as if the season ended yesterday(No attempt is made to forecast the remainder of the season).

Note: First Four teams are Underlined.

1-Ohio State, Texas, Pittsburgh, Kansas
2-Duke, Brigham Young, San Diego State, Georgetown
3-Notre Dame, Purdue, Connecticut, Florida
4-Wisconsin, Kentucky, North Carolina, Vanderbilt
5-Villanova, Arizona, Tennessee, Syracuse
6-West Virginia, Florida State, Illinois, Temple
7-Texas A&M, Louisville, Missouri, Xavier
8-St. Mary's, Minnesota, St. John's, UNLV
9-Utah State, Washington, UCLA, VCU
10-Missouri State, George Mason, Cincinnati, Baylor
11-Virginia Tech, Clemson, Marquette, UTEP
12-UAB, Boston College, Belmont, Duquesne, Michigan State
13-Kansas State, Old Dominion, Oakland, Valparaiso, Princeto
14-Vermont, Kent State, Murray State, College of Charleston
15-Bucknell, Fairfield, Long Beach State, Coastal Carolina
16-Hampton, Northern Colorado, Long Island, Florida Atlantic, Northwestern State, Texas Southern

New to the field: Virginia Tech, Michigan State, Baylor, Old Dominion, Valparaiso,, Missouri State
Leaving the field: Richmond, Memphis, Cleveland State, Wichita State, Alabama, Georgia

Last four in the field: Duquesne, Michigan State, Kansas State, Old Dominion
First four left out: Richmond, Memphis, Oklahoma State, South Carolina
Next four left out: Wichita State, Harvard, Dayton, Alabama
The under-consideration board: Maryland, Providence, Northwestern, Penn State, Nebraska, Southern Mississippi, Tulsa, Southern Methodist, Colorado State, New Mexico, Washington State, Gonzaga.

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