Thursday, August 19, 2010


Now that Fresno State and Nevada have accepted the Mountain West's overtures, the ball is back in BYU's hands, and the Cougars have three options.

1) Continue to stick it to the MWC and say yes to the WAC(not to mention it's desired football independence);
2) Follow option 1, but go to the more stable West Coast Conference, to which it would immediately form rivalries with Gonzaga and St. Mary's, or;
3) Wimp out and return to the MWC, who will then try to lure Houston or Hawai'i into it's ranks for a 12-team Pac-12 Jr. Of course, this particular lineup still won't be able to secure a BCS Automatic Qualifying Berth because the BCS 6 is the sporting equivalent of a high school girl pack(The Big Ten+2 and SEC are fighting out for the role of The Libby(don't ask)).

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