Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Give me Liberty, or a new TV deal

Appalled at the paltry $2 million dollars they were getting annually from CBS College Sports and Vs., Brigham Young has all but declared it's independence from the Mountain West Conference in football and pull a Notre Dame by placing basketball(and the other not-on-the-bus sports) in the Western Athletic Conference. The MWC, however, in the realignment equivalent of the formation of Mount Everest, has responded by inviting Fresno State and Nevada to join fellow ex-WACer Boise State and seven others in a new 10 team concoction, but a 5 million dollar penalty may make the Bulldogs and Wolfpack stay put(and allow the WAC to reclaim Boise, but also San Diego State and UNLV in the process). Not that it will mean much, even for the brief period of time the Cougars, Broncos, TCU and Utah there was little chance the MWC would even have a fleeting chance of securing a BCS AQ spot. It's all about BYU's opprotunity to present it's own sports programs on it's BYU-TV channel, which is available to about 50 million homes.

And speaking of confusing battle cries....

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