Monday, February 13, 2012

To Big To Succeed?

The following post could have been titled like an old Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon, except there is no voice over guy to read them out:

AOLTimeWarner, Mountain West Conference USA. Mountain West Conference USA, AOLTimeWarner


The Frequent Flier Conference


Anyone want to televise this piece of cowpie?

The fact that both Conference USA and the Mountain West are planning a shotgun wedding after both leagues were picked apart of their most visible members is puzzling to me, and to others as well. Not that I disapprove of the merger, it's just the fact that UNLV and East Carolina will now share a conference home doesn't make the new association look good in the eyes of two discriminating judges, television(namely, the Worldwide Monopolizer) and the BCS(aka those determined to rip apart said leagues). So once the new league is announced, those who hate both current leagues will immediately denounce it as a failure. In fact some have already done so preemptively.

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