Thursday, February 9, 2012

Could next week be the week?

With the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Committee conducting their annual mock bracket AND the Championships/Sports Management Cabinet holding their bi-annual meetings, all occuring next week Indianapolis, you think we might get some news on who will host the East Regional in 2013?

If you haven't been reading this blog, back in 2009, the NCAA named the host sites for the early rounds of the 2011, 12 and 13 tournaments. But one was left open. It has been speculated that the NCAA wants the regional held at Madison Square Garden, which is undergoing a massive renovation. But that won't be finished until the fall of 2013(The recent NBA Lockout will make the construction schedule this summer even more maddening). On top of all that there are scheduling conflicts with the Knicks, the Rangers, and the Circus, especially the Circus, to deal with. Any and all attempts to unearth anything that would lead to a clue have turned up fruitless. Hopefully with the two groups meeting, we might get some news on the East Regional front, especially with the fact that both the NBA and the NHL have to get their schedules ready for next season. But if not, the whole thing may move to as late as September. With tickets due to go on sale April 1st, if not sooner, the naming of the site needs to occur as quickly as possible.

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