Monday, January 23, 2012

Bracket Watch '12 - January 23rd.

After a few weeks of just seeds, I now have a bracket to put them in. And I'll tell you this much, it will be difficult for anyone to correctly pick all 68 teams this year, never mind getting close with their seeds.

Final Four Pairings:
East(1) vs. West(4)
South(2) vs. Midwest(3)

The First Four:
Tuesday: Boston University(America East) vs. Mississippi Valley State(Southwestern); Minnesota vs. Xavier
Wednesday: UNC Asheville(Big South) vs. Texas-Arlington(Southland); Saint Louis vs. Marshall

EAST Regional

@ Pittsburgh
1-Syracuse(Big East) vs. Boston University/MVSU
8-Wichita State vs. 9-Virginia
@ Albuquerque
4-Florida vs. 13-Minnesota/Xavier
5-St. Mary's(West Coast) vs. 12-Long Beach State
@ Greensboro
2-North Carolina vs. 15-Norfolk State(Mid-Eastern)
7-Louisville vs. 10-New Mexico
@ Columbus
3-Michigan(Big Ten) vs. 14-Central Florida(Conference USA)
6-Kansas State vs. 11-Temple

WEST Regional

@ Greensboro
1-Duke vs. 16-Eastern Michigan(Mid-American)
8-Wisconsin vs. 9-California(Pacific-12)
@ Nashville
4-Vanderbilt vs. 13-Saint Louis/Marshall
5-Connecticut vs. 12-North Carolina State
@ Omaha
2-Missouri vs. 15-Bucknell(Patriot)
7-Harvard(Ivy) vs. 10-Purdue
@ Portland
3-Nevada-Las Vegas vs. 14-Weber State(Big Sky)
6-Indiana vs. 11-Oral Roberts(Summit)

SOUTH Region

@ Louisville
1-Kentucky(Southeastern) vs. 16-Valparaiso(Horizon)
8-Seton Hall vs. 9-Dayton(Atlantic 10)
@ Nashville
4-Florida State(Atlantic Coast) vs. 13-Iowa State
5-Michigan State vs. 12-Southern Mississippi
@ Albuquerque
2-Baylor vs. 15-George Mason(Colonial)
7-Marquette vs. 10-Illinois
@ Pittsburgh
3-Georgetown vs. 14-Belmont(Atlantic Sun)
6-Mississippi State vs. 11-Colorado State


@ Omaha
1-Kansas(Big 12) vs. 16-UNC Asheville/UT Arlington
8-Alabama vs. 9-Gonzaga
@ Columbus
4-Murray State(Ohio Valley) vs. 13-Davidson(Southern)
5-West Virgina vs. 12-Middle Tennessee(Sun Belt)
@ Louisville
2-Ohio State vs. 15-Long Island(Northeast)
7-Cincinnati vs. 10-Virginia Tech
@ Portland
3-Creighton(Missouri Valley) vs. 14-Nevada(Western Athletic)
6-San Diego State(Mountain West) vs. 11-Iona(Metro Atlantic)

Last four in the field: Minnesota, Xavier, Saint Louis, Marshall
First four left out: Oregon, South Florida, Memphis, Stanford
Next four left out: Northwestern, Notre Dame, Ohio, Mississippi
Also under consideration: La Salle, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh, Iowa, Oklahoma, Cleveland State, Akron, Missouri State, Northern Iowa, Arizona, Arkansas, Brigham Young

For Note Purposes Only
Look for the State of the Bubble series next week.

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