Monday, December 5, 2011

What will happen first?

The NCAA naming the East Regional site for 2013?


The end of the world?

That is the question that must be asked.

It's 15 months until the 2013 tournament, and as far as I'm concerned, it's too late to continue delaying the announcement. In fact, the one time I tried to pose the question on who will be hosting, I got nothing in response. And just as well. A few months ago, the NCAA should have told the most likely host, Madison Square Garden that it wanted a hard, inflexible deadline to wrap up it's needed renovations. Otherwise, the NCAA would select an alternate. But instead, MSG has apparently told them it needed more time(The NBA lockout will likely force back even more work to Summer, 2013), but that they still want to host. Whatever the case, the announcement must come soon, or else a lot of people will be like me. Wondering where the East Region will be held in 2013.

And another thing
MSG won't be able to host in 2014, because of Wrestlemania. So if it isn't 2013, 2015 is next in line.

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