Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Drama in the City of Jealousy

Yes, I'll have my preseason predictions for the bracket up today, but I couldn't pass this story up.

As the Big East(as in Big East of the Pacific Time Zone) prepares to add 6 more schools, one school who's in the Big East's backyard is going to be left out because of envy. The school is Temple, and their main tormentor is Villanova. SBNation's Temple page(link forthcoming) has the scoop:

The Wildcats reportedly do not want to share the Philadelphia market with another Big East team. There had been some speculation that Villanova’s concerns about adding Temple as a basketball school would lead the conference to extend the Owls a football only invite. However, at least according to McMurphy’s source, that will not be the case.


Temple fans will cry foul about an uneven playing field – but if you want the basketball playing field to be even, football needs to be too. And if the Big East isn’t willing to extend that olive branch, Villanova should be opposed to sharing their dominance in the Philadelphia market, a known hoops haven. So no, Villanova isn’t scared of Temple. They’re just being savvy and not giving up a territory that they dominate with nothing in return.

Sounds like envy right? Of course it is. It's also a sign to the new football playing schools that it's the hoop schools that dominate the agenda in this league. And that might not change until those who play football make their break. And then they might welcome the Owls to their ranks.

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