Thursday, September 29, 2011

Still nothing to see

Wishful thinking on my part that the NCAA would name the East Region host site for the 2013 Men's tournament. If it isn't obvious by now, the NCAA has decided to string this out for no good reason at all so it can make a triumpant announcement that the East Region in 2013 will be played at Madison Square Garden, but it can't for one of 2 reasons:

1) The multi-million dollar renovation is not expected to end until the Summer of 2013. or;
2) The Circus is objecting.

Of course it could be true that the Garden is not even in play here and the NCAA is looking over to Barclays Center in Brooklyn, but who knows. The simple fact the NCAA is not even throwing out hints as to where it wants to go is troubling enough, but with the 2013 tournament now 18 months distant, the clock is ticking louder. The need to hold up this information like it's a Soviet state secret is looking more and more ridiculous. The NCAA must come clean within the coming days and just announce the site already. A nation waits with great anticipation.

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