Monday, December 27, 2010

How the brackets roll

There's no need for an APB on my whereabouts, I'm perfectly fine. I just haven't had much to talk about since my preseason bracket. But now that bracket season is upon us, let me reset on how the brackets go.

1. All brackets are done as if the season has already ended. For a typical Monday bracket, the season ends on Sunday.
2. Every team is evaluated and placed accordingly if they were evaulated by by the committee, not my personal beliefs.
3. In determining the AQ's, the team with the best record in the conference in question will represent it. If there's a tie, the bid goes to the team who:
A) Has won the head-to-head matchup, or series(includes ties of more than two teams);
B) If no meeting has taken place, or the tie cannot be reasonably broken, the team that has the better RPI* rank.

*I'll be using Rivals' RPI numbers in determining tie-breakers again this year.

Note: I will try to do a daily recap of the major stories of the night previous, but it will not be a regularly scheduled post. Also, starting in Feburary, I'll post blind resumes of selected teams and you try to guess who they are. That's all from me, good day.

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