Monday, March 8, 2010

Bracket Watch - Time to get serious

The frivolousness of the season is done. Now it's time for teams all across the bubble to decide whether or not they want to play on the biggest tournament stage in the world. And after this past week, many of them want to sit out the big dance out.

From now until Selection Sunday, I'll be posting daily projections(except for Saturday) of the field. And even on Saturday, I'll post a Sweet 16 seed list. Also note, all teams that have qualified for the big dance are in CAPS for the duration of the projections and all teams that I've deemed to be on the bubble are asterisked*.

Final Four pairings
Midwest(1) vs. West(4)
East(2) vs. South(3)

Midwest region

@ Oklahoma City
1-Kansas(Big 12) vs. 16-Lehigh(Patriot)
8-NORTHERN IOWA vs. 9-Notre Dame
@ Spokane
4-Vanderbilt vs. 13-Kent State(Mid-American)
5-Butler(Horizon) vs. 12-Georgia Tech*
@ Milwaukee
2-Purdue vs. 15-Troy(Sun Belt)
7-Texas vs. 10-Virginia Tech
@ Providence
3-Villanova vs. 14-Oakland(Summit)
6-Xavier vs. 11-Florida*

West region

@ Jacksonville
1-Duke(Atlantic Coast) vs. 16-Quinnipiac(Northeast)
8-Texas-El Paso(Conference USA) vs. 9-California(Pacific-10)
@ Spokane
4-Pittsburgh vs. 13-Mississippi*
5-Baylor vs. 12-San Diego State
@ Buffalo
2-Ohio State(Big Ten) vs. 15-EAST TENNESSEE STATE
7-Louisville vs. 10-Old Dominion(Colonial)*
@ San Jose
3-New Mexico(Mountain West) vs. 14-Weber State(Big Sky)
6-Gonzaga(West Coast) vs. 11-Utah State(Western Athletic)

East region

@ New Orleans
1-Kentucky(Southeastern) vs. 16-Vermont(America East)
8-Missouri vs. 9-Marquette
@ San Jose
4-Maryland vs. 13-Siena(Metro Atlantic)
5-Brigham Young vs. 12-Memphis*
@ Providence
2-West Virginia vs. 15-Morgan State(Mid-Eastern)
7-Richmond vs. 10-Clemson
@ Jacksonville
3-Michigan State vs. 14-Wofford(Southern)
6-Texas A&M vs. 11-CORNELL

South region

@ Buffalo
1-Syracuse vs. 16-Opening Round winner:
Opening Round: WINTHROP vs. Jackson State(Southwestern)
8-Wake Forest vs. 9-Oklahoma State
@ New Orleans
4-Tennessee vs. 13-Arizona State*
5-Temple(Atlantic 10) vs. 12-MURRAY STATE
@ Oklahoma City
2-Kansas State vs. 15-UC Santa Barbara(Big West)
7-Florida State vs. 10-Nevada-Las Vegas*
@ Milwaukee
3-Wisconsin vs. 14-Sam Houston State(Southland)
6-Georgetown vs. 11-St. Mary's*

Procedural moves: Cornell(up 1), Notre Dame(up 1), Texas-El Paso(up 1), Clemson(down 1), Georgia Tech(down 1), Oklahoma State(down 1)

New to the field: Vermont, East Tennessee State, Winthrop, Arizona State, Mississippi
Out of the field: Stony Brook, Jacksonville, Rhode Island, Coastal Carolina, Illinois

Last four in the field: Memphis, San Diego State, Arizona State, Mississippi
First four left out: Illinois, Washington, Uab, Rhode Island
Next four left out: South Florida, Dayton, Mississippi State, Minnesota
Also on board: Saint Louis, Connecticut, Seton Hall, William & Mary, Marshall, Wichita State, Nevada

Now there are four bids up for grabs tonight. Should there be any upsets, here are the seeds the upsetters would likely get:

Appalachian State: 14-16
Fairfield: 13-14
St. Mary's: 9-10
William & Mary: 11-12

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  1. You have 3 regions as being held in Milwaukee and only one in New Orleans. Did you mean to put the KY group in NO or the Wisconsin group?