Sunday, March 14, 2010

Analyzing the finished product

To all those who decried Minnesota's inclusion into the field at 5:17 PM this afternoon, I have only one thing to say to you....SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Thank you. Now on to the real deal.

Top 4 seeds overall
This was exactly as I predicted as Kansas, Kentucky, Duke and Syracuse went as planned to the Midwest, East, South, and West regions (and all sub-regional sites too). The only other team who could have snuck on to the top line was West Virginia, who were hurt by the non-appearance in the Big East semifinals of Villanova and Pittsburgh, the Mountaineers fellow 2nd place BE teams. Syracuse was really hurt by being swept by Louisville, thus falling to the 4th seed. Kentucky's placement in New Orleans was not as easy a no-brainer as it seemed, there was a good chance they would've been sent to Jacksonville(which is actually closer to the Lexington than the Big Easy), but there was no way the Wildcats would go to Milwaukee, not with credible Big Ten and Big East teams available.

The Last In and the First ones blocked out
For the zillionth time, I missed a team in the field. Florida, rather than Virginia Tech, got in the field(with the Gators getting a surprisingly high 10th seed). The Hokies were hurt by UTEP and Utah State losing in their respective conference finals as well as Minnesota's hot finish in the Big Ten tournament(today's 2nd half after the 14 minute mark not withstanding). Both the Miners and Aggies, however, were included in the field as the last at-large teams, both of them were 12th seeds. Of course the Hokies shot their own foot by losing big to Miami(FL) in the ACC tourney. Besides the Hokies, among those on the outside are Mississippi State, Illinois, Seton Hall, Rhode Island, UAB, Mississippi and William & Mary.

Bracket of Death: Midwest
Kansas could face an angry Northern Iowa squad(angry in the sense that they were seeded two seed lines too low), followed by either Maryland or Michigan State. The bottom half is brutal with Ohio State possibly facing either Georgetown or Tennessee in the sweet 16 and the Hoyas and Vols could potentially face each other in round 2.

Bracket of Cake: South
Duke should have an easy time in the 1st 2 rounds, then for it's sweet 16 matchup, it could face either Siena or Utah State as both could upset Purdue and Texas A&M, respectively. Villanova and Baylor have the potential to meet in the sweet 16, or both could lose in the 2nd round.

Personal Stats
Teams correctly picked: 64/65
Missed on: Florida(in), Virginia Tech(out)
Exactas: 30
+/- 1 seed: 51
Biggest misses: 13 teams at +/- 2(Wake Forest was a true 11 but moved because of placement problems)
Biggest Headscratcher: Marquette in West Virginia's half of the bracket in the East.

Coming up, predicting the NIT.

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