Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Woody Woodpecker Game

Each Tuesday from now until the end of the season, I'll put forward resumes of two teams competing for spots either in the NCAA tournament or for top seeds. All data is from http://rivals.yahoo.com/ and is current through Monday night.

Team A:
Team RPI rank: 62
Won-Loss 18-4
SOS rank: 186
W-L vs. RPI top 50: 1-2
W-L vs. 51-100: 6-2
W-L vs. 101-150: 1-0
W-L vs. rest of Division I: 11-0
RPI rank of Conference: 3

Team B:
Team RPI rank: 53
Won-Loss: 15-8
SOS rank: 26
W-L vs. RPI top 50: 2-3
W-L vs. 51-100: 3-4
W-L vs. 101-150: 2-0
W-L vs. rest of Division I: 8-1
RPI rank of Conference: 1

Hint: Team A has no real bad losses, but no good wins OOC. Team B has recently scored an important road win, but it has a bad home loss. I'll give you the answer in the comments section later on.


  1. Team A is Virginia Tech

    Team B is South Florida

  2. You had me on team B, I had it pegged as Illinois or Marquette.

    Howard, Can Virginia Tech really get in after playing such a horrible non conference schedule?

  3. If the Hokies can get to 10-6 in ACC play, the selection committee will have to be very stingy to ignore that record in the 3rd best conference. Then again, their OOC scheduling habits were terrible this year, so I'd be willing to think that the committee would wise up and point it out.

  4. This is fun using blind resumes like that. Will you be comparing any more today? Thank you i love your site.

  5. Kym, as I said at the start of the post, I would compare resumes only on Tuesdays. But I might do a few more comparisons when time warrants.

  6. Love the blog! Kansas State fan here. How high of seed can you see the Cats on selection Sunday? Dominic

  7. Dominic, I wouldn't be surprised to see Kansas State as a 2 seed, especially if they can pick up a road win at Kansas. Most likely, they'll be a 3 seed, likely playing in Oklahoma City.

  8. Texas Tech got a nice road win last night. What do the Red Raiders need to do to get in the discussion?

  9. is UNI safely in the field? Or do they need to win the tourney in St. Louis to feel safe? The committee sometimes discriminates against smaller conferences and schools.
    Does St. Marys need to beat Gonzaga to get at large?

    Howard, You do an excellent job on the blog. Very well done. Thanks

  10. Will any teams that finish with a losing record in conference make the field of 65?