Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Woody Woodpecker game 3.0

Once again, it's your turn to pick out and guess who's resume you just picked: All info is current as of Tuesday night and comes from the college basketball section on

Team A:
RPI rank: 64
Division I record: 18-10
SOS rank: 58
record vs. RPI top 50: 4-6
record vs. 51-100 in RPI: 2-2
record vs. 101-150 in RPI: 0-2
record vs. 151-200 in RPI: 6-0
record vs. 201-347 in RPI: 6-0

Team B:
RPI rank: t-58
Division I record: 17-9
SOS rank: 53
record vs. RPI top 50: 1-6
record vs. 51-100 in RPI: 3-2
record vs. 101-150 in RPI: 3-1
record vs. 151-200 in RPI: 2-0
record vs. 201-347 in RPI: 8-0

Hints: Team A faces a tricky(but manageable) finish, while Team B is behind a non-bubble team in a weak division. It's a cross-regional comparison this week too.


  1. These are tough this week. I guess San Diego State and Ole Miss.

  2. team A: UConn
    team B: Oklahoma State

  3. Thanks for bringing blind resumes back Howard. My guesses are Louisville and Mississippi State.

  4. Marquette and Florida

  5. is it Louisville and Arizona State?

  6. First anonymous has one team right. Mississippi is Team B. I'm still waiting on the 2nd one.

  7. Since no one has gotten team A yet, it's Illinois.

    Also, I'd like to comment on last night's Purdue-Minnesota game. One reason that I didn't put Minnesota on even the Next four left out list wasn't because of this game, it was the next two games that I was concerned with. But after the Gophers let a 4 point lead slip away against the Boilermakers(without Robbie Hummel who left with an injured knee in the 1st) in the late stages, I have no choice but to drop them from consideration as I see no way that they can win at either Illinois or Michigan.

  8. Howard, Agree about Minnesota. A win over Purdue would not be enough to make up for bad losses to Portland, Miami, Michigan, Northwestern and Indiana. Minnesota has the profile of an NIT bound team. You were correct Howard.

  9. Howard, If Arizona State or Cal finish 13-5, would they be a lock?