Monday, February 1, 2010

Projecting the lesser tournaments-One time only!

This is only time I will project out beyond the NCAA's and into the NIT, CBI and CIT. Enjoy while you can.

National Invitational Tournament:

"Storrs" region
1-Connecticut vs. 8-Northeastern
4-Virginia vs. 5-Memphis
2-Maryland vs. 7-San Diego State
3-Richmond vs. 6-Notre Dame

"Champaign-Urbana" region
1-Illinois vs. 8-Oklahoma
4-Miami(FL) vs. 5-St. John's
2-Tulsa vs. 7-Washington
3-Virginia Tech vs. 6-Alabama

"Chapel Hill" region
1-North Carolina vs. 8-Western Carolina
4-Minnesota vs. 5-Seton Hall
2-Louisville vs. 7- Green Bay
3-Virginia Commonwealth vs. 6-Texas Tech

"Milwaukee" region
1-Marquette vs. 8-Portland
4-Arizona State vs. 5-William & Mary
2-South Carolina vs. 7-South Florida
3-Northwestern vs. 6-Utah State

Collegiate Basketball Invitiational

South region
1-North Carolina State vs. 4-Florida Atlantic
2-Louisiana Tech vs. 3-Southern Mississippi

North region
1-Illinois State vs. 4-Saint Louis
2-Marshall vs. 3-Wofford

East region
1-Harvard vs. 4-Lafayette
2-Fairfield vs. 3-Detroit

West region
1-Washington State vs. 4-San Jose State
2-Colorado State vs. 3-Iowa State Tournament
Note: I'm not sure if there are seeds in this tournament or not, but these are unofficial.

1-Akron vs. 16-Quinnipiac
8-Wright State vs. 9-IUPUI
4-Morehead State vs. 13-Iona
5-Princeton vs. 12-Maine
2-Middle Tennessee vs. 15-Bethune Cookman
7-Appalachian State vs. 10-Eastern Kentucky
3-Stephen F. Austin vs. 14-South Dakota(Great West)
6-UC Santa Barbara vs. 11-Northern Colorado

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