Tuesday, January 12, 2010

About last night - Wrestling Style

If you missed last night's Big East Wrestling Federation Smackdown at Freedom Hall, you missed a lot. Villanova and Louisville played in a literal bloodbath, the two teams had 66 fouls between them, though only 3 players fouled out. Those fouls led to 94 free throw attempts and a game length of 2:40. The Yankees and Red Sox playing 9 innings for 4 hours were impressed the rocorious lengths these teams went to.

In the end, however, the Cardinals choked away an important game they needed to bolster their resume. Leading 38-21 in the 1st half, the Cardinals allowed the Wildcats the opprotunity to comeback, and on the shoulders of Scottie Reynolds(36 points on 9 of 10 shooting), Villanova did just that. The 92-84 result builds on Nova's case for a #1 seed. The loss, while not fatal to Louisville's chances, certainly made it weaker.

Elsewhere, It looks like I was ahead of myself when I didn't include Oklahoma State in the field. Oklahoma held off the Cowboys 75-73 in overtime. In the smaller leagues, league leaders Siena, Murray State and Louisiana Tech all won, entrenching themselves atop their conferences. Lastly, a special shout out to Morgan State, who, like Villanova, came back on the road to win, beating Hampton 73-63.

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