Friday, November 20, 2009

This season's schedule

I hate to be a huckstering type, but if I were....

Ladies and Gentlemen(including those attending Centenary College), I here by present this year's bracket schedule!

Bracket Watch projections will start on January 4th and will be available every by around 2 pm every Monday. Friday projections will be availabe starting February 12th. And during the last week of the season, I'll be doing daily updates until Sunday, when my last bracket will be released around 3 PM CT(the only exception of course will be Saturday the 13th. High school hockey takes precedence over bracketology. You don't believe me, look at my location off to the right.)


  1. Howard, Why are you waiting so long to release a projection? I am still trying to find you're pre-season bracket preditions.

  2. Tim,

    As I've stated several times, I have no desire to predict a field of 65 before a single game is played. I'm of the group who would rather see some actual results before getting the feet in(besides this year, I'm more inclined to follow the Vikings as they are Super Bowl contenders).

    Don't worry, you'll get to see my picks in due time. At any rate, I'm going to do a projected World Cup draw next week(Once FIFA releases the pots, of course).

  3. Tulsa blew out in state rival OSU. How do you see the Golden Hurricanes at large chances? keep up the great work Howard!