Sunday, March 16, 2008

Reaction to the field

Well another year has passed and remarkably, I missed only one at-large. Not that I have any quarrls about it as Villanova was my last team out and the team I missed, Illinois State was third from the cut-line anyway. What was really remarkable was that I had 28 teams at their exact seed and 25 that were one away from their seed(Not excluding the Mississippi State duplicate).


I made a very late change to have North Carolina the top seed overall. Yes it was deliberate, I had Memphis as top seed overall until this afternoon when the Tar Heels won the ACC. The Tigers were never in danger of losing a top seed even after the Tennessee Loss. Kansas moved to the 4th #1 seed in the wake of Tennessee's loss in the SEC semis and Kansas' win over Texas in the Big 12 Final. UCLA locked up the top seed in the West last week.

Who benefitied in seeding: Oregon and Miami(FL) up 3 seed lines, Arizona, Oral Roberts and Vanderbilt up 2 seed lines.
Who got hosed in seeding: Butler and Indiana down 3 seed lines. Georgia, Kansas State, Portland State and Temple down 2 seed lines.
Who benefitied in placement: Texas in the South, West Virginia in Washington D.C, Georgetown in Raleigh
Who got hosed in placement: Tennessee in the East, Duke in Washington D.C., Cornell in Anaheim

Something only a bracketologist would notice
In the era of pods, there are four sub-regional sites that will feed into one region: Birmingham(EAST), North Little Rock(SOUTH), Omaha(MIDWEST) and Washington D.C.(WEST)

We'll that's it for now. Next projection is slated for sometime before the regular season starts(No projection after the national championship).


  1. Georgetown benefited from the placement in Raleigh? Really? You do realize Davidson has the chance to play essentially two home games, right?

  2. Well if you look at the fact that Davidson, while being two hours away, is still a small school, I think helps Georgetown at this point. Tom O'Connor and his compatriots deserve a lot of credit in putting Georgetown in Raleigh(The only logical choice, seeing the Hoyas are the host school in Washington).

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